We will offer the best advice and deliver the most innovative, socially conscious products to suit your needs. We continuously strive towards adding maximum value to your business. We offer full transparency and accountability to all our stakeholders. We treat our staff in a fair and equitable manner.


We make it our mission to deliver international quality products to South African and global businesses. To this end, we constantly forge new alliances with international partners and invest heavily in the very latest machinery and equipment.

World Class

We bring you world class service and products by benchmarking against the world's best plants and technologies.


Our drive for continuous innovation has led to innovative products and processes to improve solutions to you.


We achieve full transparency on the trail of exported products by using international resources to track containers from South Africa to destinations around the world.


Insimbi believes in offering our customers a superior service. We achieve this by investing in our people and employing and retaining the highest qualified staff in the industry.

Expert designers

Due to a wealth of Industry experience our product designers are able to translate and develop your needs into innovative product solutions

Superior Customer Service

Achieving consistency in customer service and products requires the most stringent standards. We adopt lean manufacturing initiatives and are ISO 9001:2008 accredited. These elements are used to drive down defects and improve our process.

High Quality Output

Quality output and improved turnaround times require us to maximise efficiency. We manage this by continuously up-skilling our staff through in-house, cross facility and external training.


Our Product innovation specialists have knowledge of various industries, which allows us to provide you with a product that is fit for purpose, and cost effective.