Insimbi’s Refractory Division focuses on the supply of technical know-how and refractory products – both dense and insulating – to all refractory-consuming industries. (These products exclude rotary kilns, which are handled by the dedicated Rotary Division.) Refractory design, including CAD, takes place in-house and is supported by the ongoing technical backup of our various international partners.

Product listing

Magnesia Carbon Bricks

Alumina Silicate Bricks

Ceramic Fibre Products

Calcium Silicate

Monolithic Refractories

Raw Materials

Magnesia Chrome Bricks

Alumina Carbon / Alumina Mag Carbon Bricks

Insulating Firebricks

Refractory Grade Silicon Carbide

Non-Asbestos millboard


Aluminum Smelters



Furnace Builders and Installers


Refractory Producers

Steel and Associated Industries

Platinum, Copper, Chrome and Associated Industries 


Agency: Refratechnik

Division Contact

Dudley de Beer

Sales Director

Direct line: 011-865-8826
Email here

Coleen Singh

Direct line: 011-865-8846