The Non-ferrous Division supplies a comprehensive range of consumables and hardware into the primary and secondary aluminium smelters, copper smelters, non-ferrous foundries and the electroplating and galvanizing industries.

Product listing

Aluminium Alloys

Aluminium Modification Agents

Antimony Metal

Arsenic Metal

Bismuth Metal

Breakdown Agent

Cadmium Metal

Calcium Metal

Ceramic Fibre Products

Chamotte (All grades)

Copper (Various grades and forms)

Copper Based Alloys


Degassing Tablets and Tubes

Fluxes (Various grades)

Foundry Solvents

Investment Binders

Investment Products

Investment Waxes

Magnesium Metal

Manganese Electrolytic

Nickel (Various forms)

Nylon Coreventing

Phosphor Copper


Selenium Metal

Silicon Metal

Slag Coagulants

Sodium Silicates

Steel Shot

Strontium Aluminium

Tin (Various forms)

Titanium Aluminium

Titanium Boron Aluminium

Zinc Metal

Zircon (Sands and Flour)


Aluminium industry

Art foundries

Battery producers

Coin industry

Electroplating industry

Investment foundries

Lead smelters

Non-ferrous foundries

Non-ferrous wrought products

Primary smelters (Aluminium and Copper)

Secondary smelters (Aluminium and Copper)

Solder producers

Wheel rim manufacturers


Blayson Olefines Ltd

Amalgamated Metals Group

Ransom & Randolph Dentsply lnternatioanl Inc.

Sasol South Africa Ltd


Rustenburg Platinum

Division Contacts

Dudley de Beer

Sales Director

Direct line: 011-865-8826
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Marie Samons

Direct line: 011-865-8814
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